I’ve known Norma for years. If there is something I could immediately say about her, is her joy for life, her love for cooking and her being so social. She loves to be among people sharing opinions and experiences accompanied with an appetizer or a dish of pasta.

We set an appointment at her house on a February morning. When I got there, she was ready to begin our conversation, ready to share a piece of her wisdom. And there she goes: along the years, I learned that the greatest gift you can give to the world is being yourself. That relationships are successful if you follow with love and respect. And you have to treat your husband as if you were on your first date with him. In conclusion she wanted to add to always maintain your sense of humor. Boy, without that…

That morning, after our conversation, I left the house with a smile on my face and I felt honored to be the listener of her golden pearls of wisdom I can share with the world.

Thank you, Norma.

Golden Pearls of Wisdom project.

March 8th 2016.  It is on this day, on International Women’s Day that I want to begin to write about my B&W project, “Golden Pearls of Wisdom”. This project is dedicated to all the women in this world, from the maiden through the mother to the crone (the wise woman). However it is mainly dedicated to the wise women who I met and I will meet in my life and in this project. Those women who have a pearl of wisdom to share with the world, whom after years lived on Earth can say: “let me tell you one thing about what I’ve learned in life”.  I thought about this project because, as a child, I used to go and visit old ladies in my neighborhood  and for some reasons I liked their company, I felt good with them.  A thought goes out to my grandmothers too, I miss them. Every moment I was with them was a treasure; everything they cooked for me was delicious. It was like they used a secret ingredient to make food so much better and special. In this moment, I’m honoring my grandmother by writing the draft of this introduction using a pen that she gave me 31 years ago on my First Holy Communion day. I just feel like saying thank you, thank you to all of you dear wise women who may have lived a tough life or not, but definitely not easy because I’ve learned, so far, that  life is not easy; that is for sure, but just because of that, life is worth to be lived till the end of our days on this beautiful planet that, with affection, I like to call Mother Earth.


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